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The Simple, Proven, Cost-Effective Training and Support System for Juuva Distributors


Juuva’s Only Authorized, Proven, Duplicatable System That Supports Growth And Success In Juuva.

  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Business Building Tools
  • Personal Development
  • Events and Community

features of summit success


Duplicatable training System for you and your team using advanced technology to support today’s fast paced lifestyle.


Videos, PDFs, Social Media posts.


When prospects view sent information.
Your business expenses for tax savings.

Learn & Grow

Effective business building strategies.
Personal and leadership development.

In business for yourself, not by yourself

Summit is committed to the success of every Juuva Distributor. Accordingly, Summit offers every Distributor a simple, cost effective membership that gives them access to training, tools, inspiration and experience of industry leaders necessary to optimize his or her personal potential. You may be in business for yourself, but along with Juuva, Summit and your Team, you will not be by yourself.


Juuva’s Training and Support System, Summit Success hosts different events through the year that you can connect, learn and grow as you build your Juuva Business. Attend each event to maximize your knowledge and techniques.

  • Annual Convention
  • Regional Events
  • Live & Online Seminars
  • Weekly Webinars

summit success stories

Summit Success has helped thousands of Distributors across the world develop lucrative businesses. Our training teaches skills that will allow you to earn from anywhere in the world on your own schedule.


Summit gives me the tools and support to be the best person I can be…the person I’m meant to be!

Karen B


Being part of Summit Success is like frosting on a delicious cake. We have access to top-notch tools and training for a very small price. Having a brand new person be able to listen and learn from the leaders gives us all credibility. All the Summit benefits help each of us reach higher levels of success quicker.

Phyllis J


Summit provides highly directional training created by experienced and selfless individuals who embrace the Juuva mission and purpose.

Don S


Because of Summit I’m becoming a better person. My thought processes are changing and getting better. This is happening because of the training materials and the people I’m associating/mentoring with.

Austin C


We are thrilled with the 24/7 training, the videos, archived training calls, product information, and the ability to track contacts and send out great information. It’s all so amazing and just makes a 100% difference in our Juuva business!

Michelle S


Summit makes enrolling and training a new Distributor at a distance a breeze! So easy to present, train and motivate with the Juuva Builder App.

Sue H